bigger than woodstock


august 15, 2020

there has been a change. this summers shoal bay music festival will fall on Saturday August 15th. this is one week later than usual. there will be the usual several day build up with live music happening around the bay all week leading up to the big event. shoal bay music fest is a free event. no one gets paid to play and no one pays to attend.



everybody is welcome to come and perform. if you have a band or are a solo act , contact us in advance if possible or just show up on the day. we do our very best to make sure that every one gets a chance on stage to entertain those throngs of adoring fans. the mosh pit can become unruly and we are doing our best to control the paparazzi. damn paparazzi.



it is a free festival. if you are in the area cruising then please stop in and listen to some amazing free live music virtually all week. The only enforced rule (we are not good with rules here) is that all alcoholic beverages be bought at the “Shoal Bay Pub”. You are encouraged to bring food for yourselves as well as any non-alcohol drink. there will be pizza from the wood-fired oven on saturday the 15th only. all beer, wine, and spirits must be purchased at the pub. You are welcome to enjoy your own beverages of any type while on the dock and on your boats.  



camping is always available at shoal bay but especially at music fest time. camping is $20 per tent and there are laundry, showers, and fresh water available at the laundry cabin. clean cool outhouses are a short walk away. there is a fire ring at the beach and is a great jamming area when the weather allows. 



the docks are crazy crowded at music fest time and there will be several boats rafted out around the entire dock. people who need to be against the dock need to arrive as early as possible and we will accomodate as best we can. there are usually many musicians tied up by the wednesday and there are constant jam sessions all week on the dock as well as up at the pub. musicians who perform on stage will get a break on their moorage for the length of their stay. regular moorage is 75 cents per foot.