the potter

a life in clay

Resident ceramic artist Cynthia MacDonald incorporates the shapes and colours of the surrounding rainforest creating pieces that are both wonderfully practical and strikingly beautiful.

A student at the Otis College of Art & Design as well as being entrenched in the the now famous culture of ceramics that was Glendale College during the 80‘s Cynthia was able to work with some of Los Angeles’ most successful and acclaimed ceramic artists. Friends and colleagues included residents such as Randall Bruce,  Elaine Fuess, Claire O’Callahan, David Baca,  and David Roesler. Cynthia studied there under internationally respected artists Rob Kibler, Mark Poore, and the award winning glaze technician Roger Porter.

Cynthia’s work has been exhibited at Mindscape Galleries in Chigaco, the International Plate Show, Taiwan, LA’s Ink and Clay Show, the Musee des Beaux Art D’Unet in France as well as being featured on Discovery Channel’s “Garden Police” program.

Now comfortably settled within her off-grid rainforest studio she creates pieces of a rare natural beauty while being surrounded by it.

Cynthia MacDonald's pottery is available only at shoal bay.